FAQs applicants

What career fields does headwaylogistic gmbh offer?

Order picker/warehouse assistant
Your tasks:
  • Assembling foodstuffs

  • Handling industrial trucks

  • Independent work in the warehouse

  • Building up and securing pallets

  • Securing roller containers

  • Tidying up

  • General support activities in the logistics sector

Forklift driver
Your tasks:
  • Assembling food

  • Handling front and side shift

  • Working in the high rack (8m to 12m height)

  • Building up and securing pallets

  • Securing roller containers

  • Communication with the order pickers (m/f)

  • Smoothly filling and supplying the individual picking zones with the specified goods

Your tasks:
  • Induction and training of new employees

  • Distribution of working materials (foils/gloves/ ballpoint pens) at the beginning of the shift

  • Release of orders, prioritization according to loading times

  • Keeping attendance lists, completing holiday planning

  • Constant exchange with direct superiors (project managers)

  • Comparison of the submitted daily records with the system data

  • Hour recording

  • Going through the warehouse, contact person for colleagues and shift managers

  • Shift planning

  • Supervision of accommodation, housing checksReception and support of new employees

Project planner

As a project planner, you are responsible for the operational personnel management of a defined employee base and responsible for the support of existing customers. The induction takes place through the advice and support of their direct superiors in the project and regional management.

Internal Jobs

Internal Jobs​ headwaylogistic gmbh also offers a variety of interesting professional development opportunities in the internal area.

What advantages does headwaylogistic gmbh offer me as an employer?
  • Attractive payment

  • Very good social benefits

  • A safe workplace

  • Development and exit opportunities

  • Free work safety clothing

  • Regular check-ups

  • Interesting assignments at well-known companies

  • Personal support and advice

  • Affordable accommodation

What requirements do I have to meet as a picker/warehouse assistant?
  • Experience in the storage sector is an advantage

  • Experience in picking goods desirable

  • Experience with industrial trucks is an advantage, but not absolutely necessary

What requirements do I have to meet as a forklift driver?
  • Forklift license available

  • Experience in the storage sector is an advantage

  • Experience in picking goods desirable

  • Experience with industrial trucks is an advantage, but not absolutely necessary

What requirements do I have to meet as a project planner?
  • Good knowledge of spoken and written German

  • Ideally, very good knowledge of English, Hungarian, Romanian, Polish, Bulgarian, Croatian, further language skills are an advantage

  • High level of leadership competence in dealing with employees

  • Motivational and team skills

  • Customer- and sales-oriented way of working

  • Good understanding of business contexts

What requirements do I have to meet as a foreman?
  • First experience in the field of employee management

  • Experience in the storage area required

  • Experience in picking goods required

  • Experience with industrial trucks is an advantage, but not absolutely necessary

FAQs Company

What service does headwaylogistic gmbh offer?

  • Picking

We collect your shipments!

  • Incoming goods inspection

We check your deliveries!

  • Assembly

We assemble your products/goods according to your ideas!

  • Storage and retrieval

Whether storage or retrieval, we take over the handling of your goods!

  • Packaging

We pack your products!

  • Embarkation

We load your shipments!

  • Goods

We process your outgoing shipments!

What are the advantages of temporary employment?

  • Maximum flexibility in personnel management

Stay flexible!

Temporary employment is the ideal tool to be able to react to fluctuations. Germany-wide projects enable us to react quickly, also in your company.

  • No recruitment costs

Save your recruitment costs!

Over many years, we have built up a successful, international network in order to provide you with suitable employees. You too can benefit from our recruitment.

  • Employees who meet your requirements (assistants, specialists or managers)

Do not search – find suitable personnel with headwaylogistic gmbh!

Even in times of staff shortages, we have solutions for your needs.

Challenge us!

  • Precisely calculable costs – no termination and cancellation costs

Make your costs more predictable!

No more nasty surprises. Downtime costs are a thing of the past if you rely on headwaylogistic. We bear the risk and the costs.

  • No holding costs

Why cause unnecessary costs!

If you have no need, you will not incur any costs. You only pay for the service that is actually retrieved.

  • Possibility of taking on a permanent employment relationship

Strengthen yourself in a targeted manner!

Would you like to take on the best employees? We offer interesting offers on how you can take over our employees.

Whether individual employees or entire teams – we find individual solutions.

What are the advantages of in-house outsourcing?


Constant cost transparency

Together with you, we plan your employee requirements and can thus estimate any costs at the beginning of the order.


We will achieve a lasting increase in productivity!

Securing liquidity

We secure your liquidity!


We maximize your efficiency!

Risk reduction

We minimize your risks!


We will be the reliable partner!

What are the advantages of project management & consulting?


  • Process analysis and sustainable optimization
  • Increased performance through performance-oriented wage systems

Highly motivated employees in overall smaller teams.

"Lived" continuous improvement process.

  • Savings through optimal goods placement

Time savings due to shorter distances, among other things.

  • Cost reduction through shift reduction

Significant savings in personnel costs.

  • Highest possible utilization of means of transport

Space savings and thus, among other things, reduction of storage and transport costs.